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Our Vision For The Future

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Housing Project

We are so excited to announce that SAYDC Housing Project will begin soon. Our ultimate goal for this project is to house as many adults with ASD, giving them a safe and loving environment to call home. Too many adults with ASD have nowhere to go as the shelters are over crowded and have limited to no space. Many of them end up on the streets. Even with living in a shelter or group home the living arrangements aren't always permanent nor does it cater specifically to an individual with ASD. We want to offer those with ASD permanent assistant living and security while allowing them to be independent. More details coming soon.


Every year SAYDC will be awarding scholarships to two SAYDC members. This scholarship will be used for funding needs of our members entering into college. 1st place winner will receive $500 and 2nd place winner $250. Check the website and facebook see when applications begins. 

Graduates Holding Diplomas
Christmas Presents

Christmas Drive

Every year we have a Christmas drive to support single families of children with ASD. Nominations start November 1st through December 15th. Drawing will be held December 18th. Parents will be notified by email and a check will be mailed the following week once information has been verified. To nominate yourself or someone you know you can revisit the website after November 1st as the link will be posted.

Summer Camps

SAYDC is looking forward to contracting with several Summer Camps for children with special needs. Those that are members will be able to participate on a 1st come 1st serve bases. We will have 10 slots available. There is no fees involved when you are a member. Check the website as well as our facebook page as updates to when registration starts will be posted.

Summer Camp Kids
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