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Colorful Books
Capoeira Music Instruments
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Art Club

Does your child have an artistic side and enjoys art? The art club is for them. In the Art club they will be able to explore and learn the many aspects of art. They will also be able to display their favorite pieces in an art gallery at the center.

Music Club

Music is an universal language we all love. In the Music club your child will be able to express their love of music, learn to play an instrument, and have fun doing.

Book Club

Reading is fundamental to life, this may be very difficult for those with ASD. The book club is for those who love to read, as well as for those learning to read. The book club will help those who are behind in reading reach their goals in reading while learning how fun reading can be.

Sports Club

Children with ASD love sports too! In the Sports club your child will be able to learn a skill in sports whether its basketball, softball, soccer, etc. We will train your child the discipline needed to perform at a normal level. This will help children who lack the knowledge and discipline to be able to play in a school setting.


* Sports clubs are limited to; Basketball, Softball, Track and Field, Martial Arts, and Soccer.

Drama Club

Lights, camera, action!! Is your child a natural star? In the Drama club your child will be able to act, sing and dance as we put on shows in the center. Learning to read a script requires discpilne, by joining the Drama club your child will improve on their social skills, reading skills as well as enhance listening skills, all while having fun doing it.


So excited about our teen ASD dances. Most teens with ASD do not attend school dances, SAYDC wants to change that by providing an environment to do so without being judged for being themselves. Stay tuned for updates on the next upcoming dance.

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